My Birthday Dinner at Opera, Upper Penang Road


Opera Oriental Cuisine & Lifestyle Gallery

3-E Penang Road, 10000 Penang

Tel: 604 263 2893

Opera is located at the Upper Penang road, same row with the Segafredo and opposite the Momo. Not hard for you to spot this restaurant. Why is this restaurant called cuisine and gallery? Besides offering oriental food, Opera also sells some cutleries, plates etc on the upstairs. Unfortunately, I have yet checked it out on that night.


Last Thursday, I had my birthday dinner with my family at Opera. Customers may choose to dine at outside which they can feel the cool air while they are enjoying their meal.


This is how the indoor restaurant decoration. The lighting is extremely dark; the chinese oldies are played which is quite matched to the restaurant. At the same time, the place is lighted up by essential oil which I personally felt that the smell was too strong.




A few shots of the restaurant …


This is the table setting on each of the table.


Sien took this shot after we took our order. A close up shot of the candle.


I took a few shots on ee ee and mum but failed as ee ee kept showing me her sleepy eyes. At the end, she opened her eyes until so big as shown in this photo. The first thing that you able to see in this photo is her beautiful big round eyes. :P


I asked the to look at the camera as while I took a photo on them. These are how they acted. OMG!!!


Ice Lemon Tea @ RM7.00 & Fresh Honey Dew Juice @ RM8.00


Fresh Mango Juices @ RM8.00


Lemonade @ RM7.00

All the drinks were freshly extracted and really value for the money that we paid. Indeed refreshing!


Lamb Chop @ RM46.00 – Three pieces of grilled lamb was definitely enough for May. The taste was great but just that it was a bit oily.


Prawn Noodle @ RM22.00 – The prawn noodle was served in a huge big bowl. My mum cannot finish it as the soup of this dish was too sweet and with some special taste that I would not know how to describe. To me, I don’t like this kind of taste.


Fish Fillet @ RM26.00 – Ee ee ordered this dish and she claimed that it was nice.


Salmon @ RM38.00 – Salmon was great to eat together with the sauce. Sien has noting to complain about the taste.




Aromatic Duck @ RM22.oo – The presentation of this starter was nice and impressive. The duck was served in shred together with cucumbers, carrots and spring onions on a plate. Sauce and chilies were provided as well.  While the crepes were placed inside a dim sum container to keep it warm.   The crepes come in a dim sum container to keep it warm. I would say that the texture of the duck was slightly hard and dry.

Overall of the dinner on that night was not bad. The serving portion of Opera was generous. Maybe you can choose to try for their set lunch which is more worth for it.

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  1. Miki

    YF’s ee looks so excited on that night ler :)

  2. YS

    eww.. the food still okay..
    but the pics u snapped.. ermm.. failed!

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