Journey to Pantai Kerachut

Pantai Kerachut is one of the beaches with a turtle hatchery. We have two ways to get to the beach: hike through the track that lead to the beach and take the boat. I am not sure about how much it actually cost you to take the boat as this was my first time and only time there and it cost us RM8 per person per way.

Five of us reached Penang National Park around 8am on last Sunday. We were required to register our name at the Registration Office before heading to the park in case anyone has lost his/her way in the park and does not manage to come back. The registration is free of charge.

When we showed our pass to the person before we stepped into the park, he told us that we might need to hike around 1.5 hours to reach Pantai Kerachut.

We walked awhile with this kind of road for around 5 minutes. Some said:” Don’t tell me all the way with this kind of road? No challenging at all.” Some said:” Is this considered hiking?”

After awhile, we saw a sign as above. Once we headed to the left followed the direction showed by the sign, we saw a narrow, mud and steep track in front of us. This was just the beginning of our challenging journey.

What do you think? Is this considered a challenging hiking track?

Janet helped us took this photo while we on our way hiked to Pantai Kerachut.

Since I was the last one among them so I took a shot of them from their back.


A few snap shots were taken during our way.

A group photo was taken…

Pei Ling was busy setting her camera in order so that we were able to take a group photo by ourselves.

This shot was requested someone to help us capture. Yeah..Finally we reached Pantai Kerachut within 2 hours time including our photos capturing session. I did find that the track would be more suitable to call “Jungle Tracking” rather than “Hiking”. It was really fun to me.

We all felt very hungry … hungry … hungry … These were all the foods that were prepared by Pei Ling,  Janet. Shinn and her bf. Oh No, I was the only one that did not do anything. As such, they requested me to prepare all the food on our next hiking trip to Muka Head.

Thirsty … thirsty … thirsty … I felt that 100 plus was so nice…

I like this shot… Can you recognize which one is Janet, Shinn, Ling and me?

We spent around one hour at Pantai Kerachut. What did we do? Took our lunch which prepared by ourselves, captured a few nice photos and some just took a nap on the beach.

No more energy to hike back so we decided to take boat. We paid RM8 per person. Is it consider cheap or expensive? I am not very sure. Anyway, maye be you can contact the uncle at 019-414 1996 if you need to take boat back from Pantai Kerachut to Penang National Park.

The boat journey was around half an hour but we were busy taking photos all the time. I might feel that the uncle who drove the boat would find that we were irritating because we kept walked here and there around the boat. :P

This was the end of my Pantai Kerachut trip. Conclusion : fun, exciting and exhausted.

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