(L)ove (Y)ourself (F)orever http://ginna.net Sun, 08 Jun 2014 14:58:57 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.5.1 Count down – 3 days http://ginna.net/?p=3555 http://ginna.net/?p=3555#comments Sat, 07 Jun 2014 14:39:27 +0000 ginna http://ginna.net/?p=3555 3 more days, I am counting down for one of my dream trip to be happened. I am so excited but at the same time I fall sick. Hardly get sick and I have no idea why at this particular moment, flu, cough and body pain all come to visit me. I have no choice but go to clinic and get some medicine. My this weekend is rest, sleep and take medicine. All I want is to recover very soon before I depart from Penang.

My hard time of finding info already passed and now is the time for me to enjoy it.

My trip partner – SW who is scratching her head all the time while she is gathering the information and reading blogs.

Those are the time we met each other at outside for the trip discussion with coffees and cake.

Both of us would really disagree with the term “Free and Easy” as it is free but definitely is not easy. Ages of planning, researching, quarreling and arguing in order to make this trip happen is indeed not easy for both of us. We have been  talking about this topic since few years back and this finally can become reality. We have to fully enjoy ourselves while we get there.

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Photobook http://ginna.net/?p=3551 http://ginna.net/?p=3551#comments Mon, 05 May 2014 15:21:23 +0000 ginna http://ginna.net/?p=3551

My first photobook which I managed to get for free during the promotion in Groupon. The only charges I paid was the shipping fees of RM8 per photobook.

I had no high expectation since this was my first time doing the photobook. I chose those photos that I traveled with SSH team members since year 2009 until 2013.

When I was searching the photos, those sweet memories came back to me. I miss those time so much especially those happy moments of travelling.

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Happy Valentine http://ginna.net/?p=3542 http://ginna.net/?p=3542#comments Fri, 14 Feb 2014 15:21:08 +0000 ginna http://ginna.net/?p=3542

Today is the special day with the Chinese Chap Goh Meh and Valentine Day fall on the same day. At the same time, it is also 14 Feb in year 2014 which similar to 2/14. I believe there are many couples busy planning for the celebration as well as the unique present for today. Today is the day that would happen once in our life time so we need to value it. Today is so special? Then how about the other day is considered normal day? Have you ever realized that everyday also will only happen once in your life time. 1st Feb 2014 early morning 10am 22 seconds also occurred once, so that is not considered unique to you? I would say the day that I categorized as special to me is when the day is different from the normal ordinary day. Hmm, I am talking nonsense.

Nowadays the technology is developed and advanced, so would it be a day in the future that we can choose the time that we would like to stay? This is the WISH that I dream at night especially when I failed to achieve what I want or during my hard time which I refuse to face. We can choose to go back to become teenager schooling time or baby crawling time, would we still be appreciate every moment that we spend? The answer of course is NO. Since we would be able to go back to the time that we want ANYTIME, definitely we would no longer value anything including people and time. If this really can happen, then wish everyday also Valentine.

Happy Valentine to everyone!

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Ultramarathon on 6 Sept 2014 http://ginna.net/?p=3537 http://ginna.net/?p=3537#comments Sun, 26 Jan 2014 14:40:58 +0000 ginna http://ginna.net/?p=3537

Last few days I heard about this event from my colleague as a group of them plan to join for the run. My first thought was 100 km, how can it be, must be “gila” already. However, this would consider a great experience for the runners to explore Penang Island on foot.

Three categories are available for the runners to choose: 50km (8.5 hours), 84km (15 hours) & 100km (18 hours). The shortest route also 50km which participants need to finish it within 8.5 hours. I have totally no confidence that I can make it within this time limit. I told my SSH members and all of them raise up the white flag. I really salute to those who have the courage to join.

More details can be found from here.



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美貌 http://ginna.net/?p=3534 http://ginna.net/?p=3534#comments Mon, 06 Jan 2014 14:24:32 +0000 ginna http://ginna.net/?p=3534 有人觉得美貌是女人自信的来源





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First working day in year 2014 http://ginna.net/?p=3531 http://ginna.net/?p=3531#comments Thu, 02 Jan 2014 14:52:09 +0000 ginna http://ginna.net/?p=3531 Today is the first working day for the year of 2014. Early in the morning when reach office, Boss calls for a 10 minutes meeting. Once all of his staffs enter into the meeting room, he shouts “Happy New Year! Lets talk about your feel or thought now after such a long break, start from you.”

A: Set a new target of $xxx to increase revenue for the company. (In mind: if I can get a good bonus in this month.)

B: Work efficiently and cut off OT. (In mind: in fact, I am lazy to work and feel like go home now.)

C: Full of energy and excited to work as today is the first working day.  (In mind: my eyes like cannot open and my mind seems still cannot function)

D: Feel great and I believe this is a good start for the year.  (In mind: sigh, how come my holiday end so fast.)

E: Gambate to work smart. (In mind: begin to suffer….)

F: …

One by one speaks out their feel which is totally different from their true feeling. When the sharing is finished, Boss smiles and walks out from the room. In his heart, “shit, all talk nonsense.”

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1314 http://ginna.net/?p=3527 http://ginna.net/?p=3527#comments Tue, 31 Dec 2013 14:23:29 +0000 ginna http://ginna.net/?p=3527

We would say good bye to 2013 in a few hours time. I plan to write a review to look though my life this year to complete my last task for the 2013. By the time I am sitting down on my bed with my laptop in front of me, I find it is so hard for me to continue this post. I have totally no idea what to write, it seemed that 2013 is just a normal year to me with nothing special happen.

A year of 365 days keep day dreaming; A month of 30/31 days which 20 days I refuse to wake up early; A week of 7 days which 5 days I am lazy to work;  A day of 24 hours which 12 hours I feel sleepy; An hour of 60 minutes which I have spent 30 minutes eating and eating.

For those wonderful time, treasure it; For those sad time, experience it; Remember the good and forget the bad; Lets wish 2014 will be a better year await for us!

This is the conclusion of my life in year 2013. A smooth year is indeed a good year. Nothing much to complain and don’t complain. :)

Just now I whatapps my friend and these are our conversations:

Me : Tonight you go out countdown…very important ler…see who you go with….cause that person will accompany you 1314…

B    : Hami is company 1314?

Me : Ayuh..read in mandarin or cantonese…

B    : Ohhh….

Me : Can get?

B    : Then ma gai lo if spend alone…1314 by ownself ah…

Are you the one who is in this category? Join us then…. :)

Spend time together with your love one to end the year of 2013 and welcome the year of 2014.

Happy New Year and may the new year bring all of us new hope, new challenge and new adventure. May we have an awesome year ahead awaiting for us!

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圣诞礼物 http://ginna.net/?p=3522 http://ginna.net/?p=3522#comments Sat, 07 Dec 2013 07:09:09 +0000 ginna http://ginna.net/?p=3522


杰: 什麽是你最想要的圣诞礼物?


杰:让我讲个故事给你听。“ 有个男孩这样告诉一个女孩,去年的今天是他一生中收到最好的圣诞礼物。去年的今天男孩认识了女孩,这是他人生的一个转捩点。女孩的乐观开朗给男孩带来了不少欢笑的时光;女孩活泼好动的个性给男孩增添了不少生活乐趣;女孩的积极个性已成为男孩生命的动力。花无百日红,我们是不会有无风无浪的生活,波折永远是造就人们成长的一种磨炼,也是人生必经的过程。男孩希望可以陪着女孩度过酸甜苦辣的日子,陪着女孩欢笑同时也陪着女孩痛哭。这样已是男孩无憾的人生。男孩向女孩保证只要有男孩的一天,都会一直守护着女孩,对女孩不离不弃,终生不渝。” 其实我是那个男孩,而你愿意成为那女孩吗?我希望可以成为你幸福的来源,不知你是否愿意和我开启一段新的旅程呢?



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